Los Angeles / Long Beach Harbor Employers Association


Date: Fri, Jun 22nd, 2012


Summary of June 22, 2012, New "Option C" Proposal for Office Clerk Supplement to
ILWU-PMA Marine Clerks' Contract

On May 30, each employer offered the OCU three options for a new contract (Options A, B, and C).  Today, the employers each presented a new proposal for "Option C" (moving the OCU into a Supplement Agreement under the ILWU Marine Clerk's contract).  The new Option C proposal contains improvements over the proposal for a Supplement Agreement that was made by the PMA last September.  A summary of the new "Option C" proposal follows:

  • Wages: Same wage as a Kitchen/Tower/Computer Marine Clerk (a "25% clerk" job), with five shifts guaranteed a week at 8 hours straight time and 2 hours overtime per shift.

  • One-Time Special Payment: After contract ratification, each permanent employee to receive a one-time special payment in the amount of $3,000, less taxes.

  • Two-Way Stability/Seniority: Employees will continue working at the same company they are working at today and will retain the same company seniority they have obtained as OCU members.

    • Current permanent employees agree to work as steadies at current employer for 15 years.
    • Employers agree to retain existing permanent employees as steadies for 15 years.
    • Existing permanent employees cannot be sent to the dispatch hall for 15 years; i.e., guaranteed job at same company to which currently assigned for 15 years.

  • Discipline: Modified discipline procedures with additional employee protections, which will remain in place for the full 15-year two-way stability/seniority period.

  • Cash-out of All PTO: After contract ratification, permanent employees paid for all accrued, unused floating holidays, vacation, and sick leave as of ratification date.

  • Pay for Future Needed Time Off: To provide permanent employees pay for needed time off for personal or family illness, doctor appointments, personal business, pay equal to a total of 66 shifts, distributed as follows:

    • Upon ratification, a lump-sum equal to 6 shifts of 8 hrs at straight-time rate in effect at time of payment.
    • On 1/1/13, a lump-sum equal to 12 shifts of 8 hrs at the straight-time rate in effect at time of payment.
    • On 1/1/14, a lump-sum equal to 6 shifts of 8 hrs at the straight-time rate in effect at time of payment.
    • On 6/30/14, a lump-sum equal to 42 shifts of 8 hrs at the straight-time rate in effect at time of payment.

  • Vacation: Identical to a Marine Clerk. Because of cash-out, employees will be paid twice for 2012 vacation earned from January 1, 2012, through ratification date.

  • Pension: Participation in the ILWU Pension Plan, with an identical pension as a Marine Clerk, and security and efficiency of close to $2.5 billion in assets and funded by West Coast cargo.

    • Employers willing to continue early retirement option for a mutually agreed time period.

  • Health and Welfare: Participation in the ILWU Health Plan, with same benefits as a Marine Clerk, and security for actives and retirees from a program funded by West Coast cargo.

  • Jurisdiction: Employees will perform the same work they do as OCU members:

    • Same technology framework and protection as the ILWU Marine Clerks, with added protections from the OCU technology framework.
    • Jurisdiction provisions that are modeled directly off of language in the PCCCD, which preserves-not reduces-clerk jurisdiction.

  • 401(k): Identical to a Marine Clerk-a contribution of $1 per hour worked, up to $2,000 per year.

    • Employers willing to discuss all legal options for those with outstanding 401(k) loans.

  • Holidays: Identical to a Marine Clerk.

  • Temp Work Opportunity: More work opportunities for temporary clerks:

    • First in line for Office Clerk jobs.
    • Can also fill Marine Clerk jobs after Marine Clerks and Longshoremen, but before Casuals.

There will be a separate supplement agreement containing similar provisions for Marine Operations Clerks (i.e., dispatchers, boarding agents, husbanding agents, and port captains), but adapted to their different work schedules.

Link: http://www.harboremployers.com/web/news/press/details/?LOS-ANGELES-LONG-BEACH-WATERFRONT-LABOR-NEGOTIATIONS-UPDATE-50